Vfd drives, Elevator control system and automation

Who we are?

Bit Control System is a microcontroller based company and will be providing solutions to home, industries and other segments. We are capable of implementing all the customized solutions for embedded and computer based software. Most of our programmes are written using c language which makes it transportable across the microprocessor/microcontroller families. We can manufacture, supply and provide services of micro controller based solutions for all sections of activities, offering a wide range of products. Bit Control System helps in rendering business cycle by developing unique technologies, quality assurance, production, distribution and testing


Our Mission:

We work with our partner and customers in order to structure the industry and set standards for others. We believe in developing & providing high quality and cost effective products to our clients.We strive to build a long-term relationship with our customers by providing them the highest quality products and support for all there technical need.

BCSE is commitment to its customers. This makes us a reliable partner as a solution provider. We challenge the conventional wisdom of the industry and are fast, flexible, and Competitive with our innovations.

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